A Look into all of our programs and initiatives

West Charlotte Initiative

An initiative designed to strengthen underserved communities in West Charlotte by providing programs and resources that:

Making a difference in the communities that need us the most requires strong partnerships, generous funders, and like-minded stakeholders to join us on the journey to change lives.

Community Give-Backs

Providing support and resources to the under-served communities that have an urgent need for assistance. Annual Give-Backs include:

Healthy Minds – Mental Health Awareness

A school-based emotional support program that provides a safe space to talk openly and develop strategies for dealing with disappointment, conflict, trauma, and other life occurrences that can cause an unbalanced emotional state. The outcomes of the program include these things:

Upward Mobility NOW!

A Social Equity and Poverty Reduction program that focuses on forward-thinking solutions and removing barriers that under-served communities face when trying to achieve upward economic mobility.

Basketball Skills Clinics

A holistic approach that combines the necessary skills to win on and off the court. Young ballers will learn how to improve: