Meet Anthony Morrow

Working to give back to his community

Strength. Resilience. Dedication.

Anthony grew up in a tough area on the West side of Charlotte, N.C., but his mom, Angela, had  high hopes for him. She took jobs in the motor vehicles office, a beauty parlor, a cleaning  service, and driving a school bus to afford the tuition so he could attend private high school at  Charlotte Latin and play in AAU tournaments that would help him go to a higher level. 

Their hopes came true when Anthony played college basketball at the Georgia Institute of  Technology and went on to a 10-year career in the NBA. 

As an entrepreneur, investor, and humanitarian, Anthony wants to help others achieve their  dreams and take it to their highest level.

“No way was I ever thinking NBA. She was a mom supporting what I wanted to do, keeping me off the streets and keeping me busy. It was, ‘I’ll support him so I don’t lose him to the streets."

The NBA Player

The Family Man

The Entrepreneur